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October 25, 2011
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This is a Virus by Ravers-Disease This is a Virus by Ravers-Disease
So basically i realize that this is the most favorited image in my gallery, which is funny since this was actually made in adobe photoshop by accident. I had a plain old image of the biohazard symbol that says "biohazard" at the bottom (if you look closely you can still see it) and decided to just fuck around with the editing while talking on the phone. I'm pretty sure i played around with the layering of the effects, i just piled on effect after effect...along with a major lens flare in the middle and the final touch which is what made it look so amazing and detailed was the florescent chalk effect. so really even a retard could have made it. but you gotta admit it is a pretty cool image, and I'm proud to call it mine! maybe someday it will be a DD? that would be the day...yea right.

so because this was an accident i would just like to suggest you guys look here at some other pieces in my gallery ^_^ ones that are NOT a photoshopped accident. again thanks for the faves! and because i put a copyright label at the top feel free to use it on other sites such as signatures, icons or profile pictures. just be sure you don't be a hoser and say "oh yea i made that shit, brah" cuz we all know you didn't.

Also, here is the origional image that I used, so...I guess partial credit does to whoever made this?
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